Our Team

We abide by our twin pillars of sincerity and simplicity; these guiding principles are the heart and engine of all we aspire to be and do.

Our Values


We believe in fostering open and honest communication, the foundation to building long-lasting, genuine relationships with our partners and communities.



We make things easy for you by finding simple solutions to complex problems. We cut through cumbersome processes and narrow clutter to ensure that our services become more effective and accessible for your convenience.


Team Profile

The success of a company depends on the quality of its people. At Klover Asia, we believe in the unparalleled standards of excellence. Our team comprises degree holders with Masters and Double Doctorate from Ivy Leagues in the U.S, and top universities in the UK and Singapore. They have many years of teaching experience in premier schools, curriculum design and conducting workshops in Southeast Asia and Middle East.

Our team is also competent in the incorporation of technology to aid teaching. This gives us an edge in a world in which information and knowledge know no boundaries. The advent of the digital age reshapes the field of education, and we are equipped to help our partners take a bold step into the future where the world is the classroom.