Our Kudos

  • Mentoring Workshop (KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital)

    Clear, concise... Excellent

    Dr. Sonali Chonkar Staff Physician (Dept of O&G)

    Workshop [was] well-structured. Easy to follow. Summary by trainer helps to reinforce what we have learnt. Well-planned, interactive and enjoyable.

    Lim Beng Keow Assistant Director, Education, KKH
  • Lead Teachers & Volunteers’ Training (Central Singapore Community Development Council)

    The trainer was very clear and the workshop was very well paced. Furthermore, the volunteers/ Lead Teachers got to experience the new curriculum first-hand. I thought that the workshop was beneficial for me. I have learnt more about the new curriculum and the trainer was very good.

    Oh Ray Sen

    The workshop is able to clearly and effectively explain the outline of the new curricula in a succinct way. The workshop was well-paced and beneficial in preparing the teachers and volunteers for the delivery of the lessons in the future.

    Tan Chee Yee, Keith
  • Theories of Learning (N8 Cluster)

    The workshop is very relevant to the teaching industry. It has lots of knowledgeable content and insights shared by Dr Justina Tan. The workshop is awesome

    Mohd Shahrin Allied Educator

    Very engaging and relatable. Will last in my long-term memory.

    Letchmi Allied Educator
  • Facilitating Feedback (Nan Chiau High School)

    Useful… Specific case studies & walk through [of] models of giving feedback. The interaction between trainer & participants was great.

    Neewyn School Staff Developer

    Explored numerous important aspects of effective feedback in a very short [time]

    Dalvey HOD cum YH4

    Informative and practical… [content] is job related and I can apply it for my Dept.

    Yew Yong HOD