Workshop on Facilitating Effective Feedback

“Feedback may be a gift, but constructive feedback is an investment.” – Brad Boyson

This November, Klover Asia carried out a workshop on facilitating effective feedback for Key Personnel (KPs).

During the workshop, the trainer shared numerous personal experiences grounded in the MOE context which the participants found to be highly relevant. Adopting a collaborative learning style, the KPs worked on authentic case studies and evaluated different models of providing feedback too. In addition, the KPs performed role-rehearsal exercises to cap off the experiential learning experience.

Based on the post-workshop comments, the middle managers definitely relish their newly acquired skills and think these are very valuable, especially for their roles as Reporting Officers.

Enjoy a snapshot of how the workshop was conducted at

What our participants thought after the workshop:

“Useful… Specific case studies & walk through [of] models of giving feedback. The interaction between trainer & participants was great.” – Neewyn, SSD

“Effective… Introduced different methods of [facilitating] feedback.” – Edwin, SH

“Interesting and real… Sharing real issues with us. Better awareness of the whole concept of feedback!” – Renuka, AYH 3

“Explored numerous important aspects of effective feedback in a very short [time]” – Dalvey, HOD cum YH4

“Informative and practical… [content] is job related and I can apply it for my Dept.” – Yew Yong, HOD

Posted in Adult, Leadership, Milestone, Professional Development, Singapore, Staff Development on Nov 17, 2017