Volunteer Training for a Community Literacy and Numeracy Programme

“Ask any child development expert, and they will tell you that children do not develop in a straight line. There are no average children. There are no standard children.” - Cassi Clausen

Klover Asia conducted another training for volunteers of a local community literacy and numeracy project last November. 

With almost 15 youth and adult volunteers in attendance, the cosy session saw participants undergo a practical and interactive session centred on the theme of positive guidance strategies and techniques for creating more inclusive settings in the classroom. The trainer exposed participants to various educational theories relating to children behaviour and expertly schooled them in behavioural intervention strategies. Participants were provided with opportunities to apply the theories and strategies learnt during the 3-hour session through instructional activities like case study discussions. 

Klover Asia is grateful that we can play a role in a very meaningful community initiative.


What our participants thought after the workshop:

“Informative and teaches positive lessons… Detailed explanation of the points covered in the slides. Dr Anu is very knowledgeable and able to give solid and [real] examples [which] address all the different challenges” – Vanessa

“Good… Within the short period of time, she was able to get across the basics of the developmental issues.” – Mrs A. Kamali Vijayakumar

“Trainer was knowledgeable in her area; was able to answer questions out of the box satisfactorily... Very insightful; offers a different perspective to our dealings with children by offering the psychological aspect and motivations behind children’s behaviour.” – Tan Pin Zhen

“Very informative & enlightening… Theory as well as examples are given. Very clean & solid presentation.” – Sr. Louisa Lim

Posted in Adult, Learning and Development, Milestone, Primary School, Singapore on Dec 13, 2017