Ongoing Training for a Community Literacy and Numeracy Programme

“Classroom management is not about having the right rules... it's about having the right relationships.”

– Danny Steele

Klover Asia completed another training for volunteers of a local community literacy and numeracy project to support disadvantaged primary school children this October, a third in a series of five modules.

Almost 20 youth and adult volunteers underwent an engaging and practical 3-hour workshop which revolved around the theme of managing children’s behaviour for positive classroom dynamics and enhanced learning performance. 

The participants were educated on classroom management theories and exposed to various interactive activities (visit for a sneak peek) which reinforced the lecture content. The trainer expertly employed different classroom management tools and strategies to run the session too, creating for them a first-hand experience on the positive effects and benefits of a well-managed class!

We are definitely happy to be able to continue contributing to a very meaningful community initiative.

What Our Workshop Participants Thought About the Training

“I am refreshing myself with the workshop” – Patricia Ong

“Informative… Well-paced, straight forward” – Phua Yi Yin

“I found the workshop insightful and engaging… It provided alternative methods for dealing with different types of disruptive behaviour… I felt the workshop was very well conducted.” – Daniel Jeremiah Chan

“The trainer was experienced, knowledgeable and engaging… I find the workshop useful for us volunteers.” – Russell Koh

“There were case studies and examples to the theories so it is easily applicable” – Lim Rui Min

“There are useful strategies showed that we can apply in our situation… It is very useful and practical.” – Ng Siew Choo

“Very clear and relatable strategies… Very useful and clear explanation of strategies. Applicable to our current situations.” – Pin Zhen

“I found the workshop to be quite fun and engaging… there were many activities that made understanding the content of the workshop a lot better… also a lot of real life examples that were used.” – Shannen Chua

Posted in Adult, Learning and Development, Milestone, Primary School, Singapore on Oct 30, 2017