Klover Asia Talks Teaching and Learning

“A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron.” - Horace Mann

Motivation and Learning are inherently intertwined and one cannot be divorced from the other.

One of the most common questions tossed around in education circles is undeniably, “How does one motivate the unmotivated to learn?”

Let us consider the issue from this perspective.

  • Written work or homework often puts off the unmotivated learner.
  • Hence, the unmotivated learner is actually highly motivated when it comes to doing written work or homework.
  • How?
  • The unmotivated learner is adamant to avoid doing schoolwork, and in doing so, reflects high motivation levels.

Returning to the fundamentals of teaching and learning, it is essential for educators to re-focus on uncovering the content to be taught rather than to zealously pursue the covering of subject matter for its own sake when it comes to motivating learners to learn.

This would require educators to prioritise and make interesting and relevant to learners the knowledge to be imparted.

Educators should therefore, have an acute awareness and sound understanding of the concepts to be covered in order to determine the most suitable corresponding lesson structure and organisation and to ensure the selection of the most relevant activities for the learners.

Beyond the above, how do educators appropriately deliver the select content to his or her learners?

Klover Asia recently conducted such a workshop on Teaching and Learning for Hai Sing Catholic School. Based on comments received at the end, it was evident that participants had thoroughly benefitted from and had enjoyed the session!

What Our Workshop Participants Thought About the Training

“It was fruitful and got our teachers reflecting about their own practices”

“Relevant to our needs. Refreshing perspective to our teaching.”

“Trainer is clear and purposeful in her speech… Efficient.”

“Clear explanation of the strategies… Strategies shared can be adapted/implemented in current teaching topics.”

“Able to use what I have learnt to tweak my lessons… Makes me reflect on my teaching.”

“Known teaching methods were introduced from very fresh perspectives and with much interesting insights. Really aids us in rethinking the current teaching model.”

“Very relevant… Show[ed] actual examples from teaching”

“Examples [were given] to explain the concepts.”

“Trainer was clear and shared with experience… Insightful.”

“Bite-sized… Concised”

“Key points [were] well elaborated.”

“Useful insights that can be applied”

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