Klover Asia Conducts Curriculum Training

"It is easier to build up a child than it is to repair an adult."

Klover Asia is elated to have been awarded the opportunity to develop the curriculum of a local community literacy and numeracy programme to support disadvantaged primary school children. The developed curriculum will be delivered in over 10 programme centres across the central district of Singapore to students in the programme on a weekly basis. The curriculum comprises of two modules, Communications and Problem-Solving. 

Last February, Klover Asia conducted a training session on the Communications module for the Lead Teachers and volunteers, key stakeholders for successful curriculum implementation. The 4-hour session provided participants with an overview of the newly-developed content and instructed them on the educational theories, framework and principles which underpin it. The Lead Teachers and volunteers experienced some of the activities planned for the students as a part of the new curriculum and they were guided through sample lesson packages for the different tiers of students too. 

We are looking forward to conducting the next training session for the Problem-Solving module in July. 

What Our Workshop Participants Thought About the Training

“The trainer was very clear and the workshop was very well paced. Furthermore, the volunteers/ Lead Teachers got to experience the new curriculum first-hand. I thought that the workshop was beneficial for me. I have learnt more about the new curriculum and the trainer was very good.” – Oh Ray Sen

“The workshop is able to clearly and effectively explain the outline of the new curricula in a succinct way. The workshop was well-paced and beneficial in preparing the teachers and volunteers for the delivery of the lessons in the future.” – Tan Chee Yee, Keith

“Provides a clear picture of the new curriculum. Engaging and informative.” – Lester Yam

“Clear Examples. Excellent.” – Phua Yi Yin

“Very well-paced. I learnt some tips and have [a] better understanding on the curriculum [and] what to achieve.” – Diana Xie

“Clear explanation & trying out of activities. Clear formatting – will get used to it quickly… Interesting. The instructor is very clear about the content.” – Siu Heng Ling

“Very beneficial to me, for my planning… Very detailed and clearly explained” – Patricia Ong, Lead Volunteer

“Very well prepared. Materials provided were informative and condensed. Engaging and simple. Easy to understand and follow.” – Tan Zhi Hong, Lead Volunteer

“Allow us to better understand the curriculum plan… Interesting. This workshop enable[d] me to better understand the flow of [the] programme and the lesson plan.” – Leong Shumin

“Engaging, easy to comprehend… Interactive.” – Tan Baona, Paulna

“Gives a clearer picture of specific rules (eg trainer/volunteers), responsibilities and deliverables… Informative, clear and well-paced.” – Sukhvinderjit Kaur

“Everything is very easy to understand… Great. Engaging & well-paced.” – Hui Ying, Volunteer

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