Cluster Training for Allied Educators (Teaching and Learning)

"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have." - Margaret Mead

Klover Asia achieved yet another milestone when we conducted workshops for Allied Educators (Teaching and Learning) at the cluster level. The two sessions were specially conceptualised for the group of participants to equip them with skills to be more effective in their role to support the learning of students, enhancing their competencies as educators. 

During the training conducted earlier this month, the N8 cluster AEDs (T&L) were invited to examine and reflect on their roles and their identities as a part of formulating a personal education philosophy which informs their work. They were also instructed on the cognitive aspects of learning based on various educational theories and provided with real-life examples of how the content can be applied. In addition, the AEDs (T&L) were required to refine their lesson plans and materials using what they have learnt. 

Based on the comments shared, it is evident the passionate and caring group of AEDs (T&L) benefitted from and enjoyed the trainings tremendously. 

What Our Workshop Participants Thought About the Training

"The workshop is very relevant to the teaching industry. It has lots of knowledgeable content and insights shared by Dr Justina Tan. The workshop is awesome" - Mohd Shahrin

"Very engaging and relatable. Will last in my long-term memory." - Letchmi

"Engaging... Very clear examples & explanation of the concept[s]." - Phua Wei Xuan

"The content covered in the workshop is very relevant to what we do. Helps us to reflect and see issues from a new perspective... Very useful and relevant." - S'Hemalatha

"Trainer was engaging and was able to provide examples for the theories introduced. It's fun and knowledgeable." - Cruyff Chua

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